Gomoku for iPad

Download the source code
Latest Version V1.0 March 19, 2011
You can download the source code from here.

Please keep in mind that the original source code is licensed under GNU GPL 2.0.

Why I did this project
I wrote a blog in Chinese about why I did this project. Essentially those weak Gomoku applications drove me to do this and I get the preliminary version done in 8 hours' work.

I believe a lot of improvement can be done in the near future and I am interested to build a machine learning strategy which can be customized to defeat the specific gamer.

Technology Covered
Objective C, C++, Xcode, iOS

You need Mac environment to test or run this application and it is NOT compatible with GNUStep anymore.


Special Thanks
Many thanks to the initial contributor Nicola Pero and the GNUStep Team.